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phillip jackson

Home | Made | Trips | Sunflowers | Bikes | Links These are some of the things I've made in the last couple of years, they're listed in no particular order (due to lazyness), click the thumbnails for bigger pictures (info. to follow at some point Feb '04). Heated Grips Heated Gloves Heated Insoles Ground Anchor Plantpot Anchor Grid Grabber Fork Brace Z900 Panniers Grid Grabber Giant D Lock Garage Lock Nic's Box Clock Work Bench Pedal Generator Plastic Garage Hydroponics Indicators Chainmail Z900 Brake Exhaust Welding Spider Frogs Goggles MZ ETZ251 GP125 Stread's box Valentine Blue Throw Matt's Axe George's Hammer Spon Gate Motorcycles Spon End Pubs Exhaust Baffles Mousetrap

Home | Made | Trips | Sunflowers | Bikes | Links 2000 - England, Wales, Eire, Ulster, Scotland 2002 - England, France, Belgium, Germany 2003 - Eng, Spain, Gibraltar, Ceuta, Andorra, Fra, Llivia 2004 - England, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland 2005 - England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Nordkapp , Northcape, north cape Brit. Isles '00 Dresden '02 Gibraltar '03 Riga '04 Nordkapp '05 Dragon rally 2004 Dragon rally 2005 Solar Eclipse '99 Arran '99 WMCC Wales '98

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Home | Made | Trips | Sunflowers | Bikes | Links Info, images, and listings for all bikes! Moto Guzzi custom parts. Spon End Pubs Public houses in Spon End and Chapelfields. Spon Gate Motorcycles Used bikes in Coventry.